What To Do With Your Tree

Smiling couple tying Christmas tree to a car

A cheerfully decorated tree in the living room is one of the hallmarks of Christmastime. Your Christmas tree lights up your home and adds to the spirit and joy of the season. However, by about the time New Year’s Day rolls around, it’s time to remove the Christmas decorations and move on to the next portion of the season. This means if you have a real tree, you need to decide what to do with it. If you are not sure, there are some simple and safe ways in Forsyth, IL, to dispose of it. You can then follow these practices year after year.

Tree Recycling

A growing trend in the area is to recycle your Christmas tree. When this happens, the tree goes to a recycling center, where it is chopped up and made into mulch. The mulch is then available for you or anyone else to use for gardens and flowerbeds when spring and summer arrive. Moreover, the nice thing is that there are community programs where waste management services will pick up your tree. You simply leave it on the curb in front of your home (like you do your garbage cans), and someone will pick it up. Most importantly, make sure you have removed all the lights and ornaments.

Soil Erosion Barriers

Another option is to use your old tree as a soil erosion barrier on trails. This is a common practice in many areas of the country. For example, some communities place old trees along riverbanks of lakes and ponds. In other places with beaches, this could be a good method of keeping sand in place.

A Refuge for Animals

Thirdly, you can consider converting your old Christmas tree into a spot for birds and other backyard animals. Placing your tree on your property outside makes a good place for nests and feeders. You can string up fruit in the tree and watch birds visit throughout the coming year. Or, if you have a backyard fish pond, placing the tree here creates an effective feeding breeding area for the fish.

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What to Avoid

Conversely, there are some things you should be careful not to do with your Christmas tree. First and foremost, never burn your tree. Don’t do this outside in a firepit or inside in your fireplace. The tree will be extremely flammable, causing a potentially dangerous or fatal situation. Moreover, don’t simply discard your tree on the side of the road or in a public park. Plus, throwing the tree in a dumpster takes away the chances of the tree being recycled and used for other purposes.

When you are ready to remove your Christmas tree this year, make sure you follow these tips and guidelines. These are safe and effective alternatives to throwing it away.

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