What Is A Car Tune-Up?

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Years ago, it was common to regularly tighten, replace, and adjust all the parts in the car. But engineers have refined parts over time to fit together better than ever. But the phrase “car tune-up” stuck around. Now, most people who use it are talking about regular maintenance tasks. Let’s look more closely at what a car tune-up involves today.

Checking Filters and Fluids

While many parts in your car will last long before you need to replace them, some won’t. For instance, you should be refilling some fluids and replacing filters regularly. In fact, replacing your cabin air filter can reduce allergen problems and keep your car smelling better. And if you forget to refill some fluids, you could cause severe damage to your vehicle. A car tune-up often means checking your coolant, wiper fluid, and oil.

Spark Plugs and Belts

Some tasks will not happen with every car tune-up. Although your mechanic may check your spark plugs and belts, you probably won’t need new ones each time. However, you don’t want to wait too long to change these things when they begin to fail. For example, failing spark plugs can lead to engine misfires. And loose or worn belts can break and damage other parts. Or, you might stop in the middle of traffic, which is not good.

Signs It’s Time for a Tune-up

Some people take their cars in for regular maintenance, while others look for warning signs first. There are several ways your car may let you know something is wrong. For instance, most newer cars have alerts or warning lights that will appear on the dashboard. There are usually several different types of warning lights that tell you where the problem may be. Of course, some lights may need immediate attention.

Something Feels Off

Sometimes, you don’t get a warning light. But you can tell that something isn’t right. If you push down on the brakes and they feel squishy or soft, they might need attention. In addition, worn brakes often make a noise when it is time to replace them. Another way you might sense a problem is if you feel a new or unusual vibration. And other car parts can make odd noises when something is amiss. For example, failing belts may squeak or chirp before they fail.

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Taking Your Car in for a Tune-up

If something doesn’t seem right or you notice a change or warning light, it’s time for a tune-up. You can do many tune-up tasks at home, but some are challenging without the right tools. At Bob Brady Buick GMC in Forsyth, Illinois, you can rely on the professional service department. They’ll do a thorough inspection and make sure your car gets a good tune-up. Make an appointment for great mechanic service today.

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