Weekend Getaways From Forsyth, IL

Tiger in Warsaw ZOO

Are you looking for some weekend fun? There are lots of options for taking a weekend getaway from Forsyth, IL. Check out some ideas, and then pack a bag. You’re sure to have a fun weekend if you choose any of these options.

Lincoln Park Zoo

The weather is nice, making it the ideal time to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo. The zoo is one of Chicago’s top-rated attractions, and it’s easy to see why. You can visit hippos, sloths, zebras, and dozens of additional species when you go to the zoo. If you have young kids, be sure to stop by the Farm-in-the-Zoo exhibit. Your kids will love hanging out with pigs, cows, goats, and other farm animals. Also, be sure to visit Storm. The harbor seal celebrated his 14th birthday this year, and the zoo gave him a cake to celebrate. You might have missed him chowing down on the squid and fish cake, but you can still swing by and wish him a happy belated birthday.

Forrest W. ‘Bo’ Wood Recreation Area

You can spend your weekend enjoying the great outdoors by camping at the Forrest W. “Bo” Wood Recreation Area. The campground is located on Lake Shelbyville and is full of activities. You can swim, fish, and boat, or tour the campground while searching for wildlife. The campground is also close to the Woods Lake Waterfowl Refuge and Wolf Creek State Park, so you can add some extra stops to your trip. If you love camping, the Forrest W. “Bo” Wood Recreation Area is the ideal home base.

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Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

If you are a baseball fan, a trip to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory is in order. The factory tour is absolutely fascinating. You’ll learn about the different types of wood used for bats and which options players prefer. You can also see bats used by famous baseball players. There are lots of exciting options, but Babe Ruth’s notched bat takes the cake. You can still see the notches he carved in it after hitting home runs.

You might not have the Bambino’s power, but you’ll still want to check out the batting cages here. There are a variety of bats modeled after the ones MLB players use. Try them out as you swing for the fences.

After you finish the activities, you can do a little shopping. The museum recently opened a new outlet, so you can find some great deals during your trip.

You are sure to have a fun-filled weekend if you choose one of these destinations. From animals to fishing to baseball, these outings are full of exciting activities. Start planning your trip, so you will be ready to go when the weekend arrives.

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