Useful Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

mid-aged man cleaning the interior of his car

Most people don’t intend to let their cars get messy. But life happens, and sometimes that means dirt and grime piles up. Of course, keeping the car clean can feel like a less-than-fun chore. However, a clean car is much more comfortable and safer. In addition, it helps you maintain your car’s value. Try these useful and quick tips to keep your car clean.

No More Icky Cupholders

Despite your best intentions, spills happen. As a result, your cupholders can get grimy and sticky over time. And cleaning them out is tricky. But you can make the task easier by slipping a sock over a cup that fits your cupholder. Then, spray the bottom of the sock with a safe cleaner and rotate the cup inside the cupholder.

Be a Dust Diva

Your dashboard can seem like a dust magnet, especially during dry periods. But you can tackle the dust before it gets too thick by stowing a Swiffer-style duster in your glove compartment. Of course, don’t dust and drive! But when you park, grab the duster and pick up dust before it becomes a big problem.

Keep Tabs on Things

Organize your important car paperwork with an expanding file. In fact, coupon files work well and fit most glove compartments. Label each tab so that you know what goes where. Then, you’ll always find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Pet Hair Problems

You love bringing your best fur friend along, but you probably don’t love the hair everywhere. Fortunately, you can remove it easily with a little spray bottle and a squeegee. Spray a little water on the upholstery, then use the squeegee to pull the hair off. Of course, if you have leather seats, you’ll want to use a vacuum instead.

Remove Stains with Carpet Cleaner

Spills happen, but they can make ugly marks on your seats. But you can use carpet cleaner and a little elbow grease to restore your upholstery. First, spray on the carpet cleaner. Next, scrub the stain with a toothbrush. Finally, blot the area to remove the moisture.

Give Leather Seats Some Love Too

Even leather seats can show wear and tear. If the problem is grime and dirt, there’s a solution for that. In fact, you can mix a little Woolite with water in a one-to-ten ratio. First, test a small area. Then, spray the mixture and use a soft brush to lift the dirt. After that, wipe the seat down with a microfiber cloth.

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