Tips For Driving In The Snow

young woman driving in the snow

young woman driving in the snow

You can expect to encounter some snow on the roads this winter. That can be quite treacherous without the right driving strategy. Check out some tips for driving in the snow so you can safely get to your destinations throughout the season.

Plan Ahead

You need to plan for turns and stops well in advance when it’s snowing. As a general rule, you need to give yourself twice as much distance to stop. Also, you want to slow down before making turns. Know what your next move will be and prepare earlier than what’s necessary when the roads are clear.

Make Slow and Steady Movements

You need to drive in a gentle, deliberate manner during the winter. Don’t make quick movements when accelerating, braking, or turning. If you make a sudden movement, your tires might lose traction, meaning you’ll end up slipping and skidding.

Watch for the Stability-Control System Warning

Keep an eye out for a stability-control system warning light when driving. If it starts flashing, your tires don’t have good traction. That means you need to take your foot off the accelerator to slow down. Then, your tires can regrip the road.

Get Back on the Road When Skidding

Even if you’re careful, you could end up skidding when driving in the snow. If you’re experiencing a front-wheel skid, take your foot off the gas. Wait a couple of seconds, and the tires regain traction, so you’ll be back in control. Then, you can get your car back on the road.

It’s a bit different when dealing with a rear-wheel skid. In this case, you need to turn in the direction of the skid. For example, assume that the rear of your car is skidding to the right. Then, you’ll want to turn to the right. Next, let your foot off the accelerator, and avoid engaging the brakes. After your wheels regain traction, you’ll be back in control of your vehicle.

Look Where You Want to Go

Your first instinct is to follow the car’s path if it starts to slide off the road. However, doing that increases your risk of running off the road. Keep your eyes focused on the path you want to take as you correct the steering.

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Let Your Anti-Lock Brakes Work for You

You could encounter a situation where slamming on the brakes is your only option. If that’s the case, let your anti-lock braking system do the work. Push all the way down on the brake pedal and stay in that position. Then, the brake’s computer system will optimize braking for snowy conditions.

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