Tips For Making Back-To-School Easier

Children In Kitchen At Home Helping Mother To Make Healthy Packed Lunch

It is almost time for school to start! This year will look different than last with in-class learning coming back and ditching those Zoom and Google Classroom sessions. To help you and your kids ease into the school year, we’ve pulled some helpful tips from

Ask For Help

Whether you are a first-time school-age parent or sending your fourth child off, it is okay to ask for help. Don’t wait until the first day of school, either. Your school’s faculty and staff are there to answer any questions and address your concerns. If your child is nervous about going back into the building, ask if you can tour the building and meet teachers ahead of the first day. If you are returning to the office and need assistance with drop-off and pick-up, talk to neighbors to set up a carpool in advance.

Plan Your Meals

We’ve all heard that eating a balanced breakfast before school can help set a child up for success. The same goes for lunch. First, a balanced breakfast has been shown to help students wake up and function better compared to those who didn’t eat or rushed through breakfast on the go. See if your school provides breakfast before the school bell rings. For lunch, review the cafeteria menu for items your child might be allergic to or doesn’t like. Consider packing a lunch to make sure your child eats a nutritious meal and include items you know they will eat. If your child is eating what is on the menu, consider looking into reduced or free lunches with the school. This program can help cut costs.

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Develop Good Habits

From sleep routines to study and homework habits, developing a plan and sticking to it can help any child succeed. Getting plenty of sleep is important for developing brains so staying up late to finish homework or study for a test won’t really do much to get that A+ grade. Make a plan so that homework is finished with plenty of time to relax, eat dinner, and complete a bedtime routine for a restful night.

These quick tips will help you and your child ease into the 2021-2022 school year.

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