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Guide To Starting An Indoor Garden

Young seedling growing in pot on windowsill
Have you considered starting an indoor garden? Filling your home with living plants can reduce stress while adding to your décor. First, go over some tips for starting an indoor garden. Then you’ll be ready to create your own. Provide Ample Light Plants need light to grow and thrive, so make sure... [read more]

Gardening Tips For Hot Summer Days

You may think summer is the perfect time to garden. There is plenty of sun for your gardened beauties to soak up. Although, did you know summer can actually be worse than winter when gardening? Plants can actually burn in extreme temperatures. Keep your garden growing during the hot summer... [read more]

5 Perfect Plants To Pot This Spring

picking fresh herbs grown on a raised bed on a balcony
Container gardening is the perfect way to welcome a new season, especially spring. Instead of waiting for warmer soil, you can get creative and plant your favorites into decorative pots. There are a few plants that thrive in pots and cool temperatures. Let’s take a look to see which plants... [read more]