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Weekend Getaways From Forsyth, IL

Tiger in Warsaw ZOO
Are you looking for some weekend fun? There are lots of options for taking a weekend getaway from Forsyth, IL. Check out some ideas, and then pack a bag. You’re sure to have a fun weekend if you choose any of these options. Lincoln Park Zoo The weather is nice, making it... [read more]

DIY Water Toys To Beat The Heat At Home

Filling colorful water balloons with water
A hot summer is on the way, so you are probably already looking for ideas to beat the heat. Don't sweat it! We've found three easy DIY water toys kids and adults are sure to have fun with. DIY Water Sponge Toys This easy DIY does away with troublesome water balloons, but... [read more]

Fun Board Games For The Whole Family

Close up of unrecognizable women playing board game.
We have spent most of the past year inside with our family. You might already have a regularly-scheduled family night with movies, virtual game nights, or even crafts. Feeling like there is too much technology being used? Revamp your family night with an old-school board game. We’ve pulled a few... [read more]

Take The Plunge At The 2020 LETR Decatur Polar Plunge

LETR Decatur Polar Plunge
If you’re like most people, you love your community, and you’re always looking for ways to help improve it. But if you can find a way to help out members of your community and have a ton of fun at the same time, that’s even better, right? Well, that’s exactly... [read more]

Make These Valentine’s Crafts With Your Little Ones

Valentine’s Crafts
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you want to get into the spirit of the holiday, then you may want to consider crafting. If you have kids, they will definitely want to help you too. And with so many craft ideas on the internet, there are sure... [read more]

Find The Best Sledding Hills Around Town

You may not love having to bundle up every single time you go outside, but there is something undeniably magical about winter. If you want to stay inside, there’s nothing cozier than looking out onto a yard full of snow. But if you’d rather go outside and enjoy everything the... [read more]

Catch ‘The Prophecy Show’ At The Decatur Civic Center

Prophecy Show
You’ve likely heard the music of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and if you love Christmas music, then this group is probably one of your favorites. But you don’t have to make plans to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, to get a taste of this style of music. Instead, you can just come... [read more]

Have A PJ Party With Santa At The Scovill Zoo

PJ Party with Santa at the Scovill Zoo
It’s time to celebrate with Santa! Your little ones are likely eager to see Santa this year. But sitting on his lap for a picture for a few minutes might not cut it for them, especially if they have particularly long wish lists this year. So, if you want to... [read more]

Grab Your Boots And Get Ready For The Barn Dance!

Barn Dance
Who doesn’t love dancing? It’s a chance to let loose and really relax, and it’s always a lot of fun. You don’t even have to be an amazing dancer to have a great time ripping up the dance floor. However, you don’t get the opportunity to go out and dance... [read more]