Start Celebrating National Pet Day

Joyful young woman playing with her dog outdoors

National Pet Day is exactly what it sounds like – a day to celebrate your furry friends! In 2006, National Pet Day became a U.S. holiday. Although you probably won’t have the day off from work or school, there are lots of fun things you can do with your pet to celebrate. If you don’t have a pet, there are plenty waiting at local shelters for a loving home. What’s a better way to celebrate pets than to get one of your own?

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

Taking your pet on an outdoor adventure is always a special treat for them. Whether you want to go for a hike, throw a ball, take a nice long walk, or just play in the grass, every animal loves fresh air. With spring in the air, this is the perfect weather for outside activities because it is not too hot or too cold. Make sure you have an activity in mind that is suited to your pet’s activity level.

Pamper Your Pet

We all need to be pampered sometimes. Pets need it too. So, for National Pet Day do something relaxing and rejuvenating for your best bud. There are many kinds of pets. Some shed pretty heavily during the spring months. This is the perfect excuse to take your friend to a professional groomer for a fresh cut! If your pet is shy, try doing it yourself for a little bonding time.

Treat Them

Did someone say treat? Your pets know when it’s treat time, it’s always a good time. Try an extra special treat that your pet isn’t used to. Whether it’s homemade treats, a little canned food with dinner, or a new toy, your pet is sure to feel loved after this.

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Sometimes pets get lost from their homes and end up being rescued by shelters. Pets who are missing owners need extra love and care on days like these. Donating money to these organizations and adopting these lovely animals is a great way to show pets you love them on National Pet Day.

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