Signs Your Battery Needs Replacement

dead car battery using jumper cables

Everyone has felt that sinking feeling when you turn the key and the car won’t start. Often, the source of the problem is a drained battery. No one wants to get stuck in a parking lot or far from home with a battery that doesn’t have enough juice to start the car. Learn the signs that your battery needs replacement.

A Dimly Lit Interior

The car battery powers your headlights, interior dome lights, and other electronics. If your lights don’t seem as bright or flicker, your battery may be to blame. In addition, many people come out to start their car in the morning only to find that it turns over sluggishly — or not at all. Then, they realize they had left a door ajar or a light switched on all night and didn’t notice. A jump will usually fix this issue if the battery is newer. But when this situation happens with an older battery, you may need to replace it.

The Wrong Lights Are On

A battery that is failing may trigger a warning light on your dashboard. Many drivers may notice the ‘Check Engine’ light appearing. In some cases, drivers may see the battery icon light up on the dashboard. When you see either light, it’s a good idea to have your service technician check your battery to ensure it’s working at full capacity.

A Slow Start

As your battery ages and begins to fail, it takes longer to build enough of a charge to spark the starter. Sometimes, the delay can last for a few seconds. If you notice that cranking the key doesn’t cause the car to start up quickly, there’s a good chance the battery is on its last legs.

Bad Connections

Over time, the connections on the top of the battery can become corroded or damaged. It’s important to check this area often and keep it clean. If you frequently see corrosion, then there may be other issues. In addition, damaged connections can prevent your battery from recharging fully or even lead to a short.

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Time to Retire

No car battery lasts forever. In fact, most manufacturers guarantee how long a battery will last. The battery life typically lasts between two and five years. As a result, if you know you bought your car battery six years ago, and it came with a five-year warranty, then chances are it won’t last much longer. In fact, celebrate that hardworking battery for giving you an extra year.

Of course, several other issues can cause a drained battery or other problems. If you’ve replaced your battery and are still having issues, it might be time to see a service technician for an inspection. At Bob Brady Buick GMC in Forsyth, Illinois, the professional technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. Make an appointment today and stay safe on the road.

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