School Supplies You Actually Need

young girl with new school supplies on the first day of school

Toward the end of July, stores devote whole sections to brightly colored school supplies. From every kind of pencil that you can think of to personal staplers in fun shapes, it can be challenging to sort through to find what you need for school. Here’s a list of school supplies you need that your child’s teachers will most likely request.

Begin with a Backpack

Kids need a sturdy backpack that can handle some hard knocks and transport their supplies, homework, and books. Invest in a durable backpack, preferably in a darker color that won’t show dust and dirt as easily.

Prepare with Pencils

No. 2 pencils are your best bet for success in the classroom. And while mechanical pencils can seem like fun, it is often easier for younger kids to stay focused with traditional pencils that you sharpen. Older kids, however, can benefit from mechanical pencils. Just make sure they come with good erasers.

Stay Sharp

Of course, your student will need something to sharpen all those pencils with. Look for a pencil sharpener with a simple design that your kid can easily empty the shavings from.

Make the Cut

Students of all ages may need to cut, but younger kids especially need a few pairs of scissors for a successful school year. Be sure to keep a pair set aside at home for projects in case the scissors get left in the classroom or misplaced somewhere.

Make a Note of This

Spiral notebooks and bundles of lined paper are a must. Elementary kids often need notebooks for journals or homework, and older kids will need to take notes in their classes. Sometimes, teachers may ask for students to bring composition-style notebooks instead, so check with the teacher before selecting the lined paper you need.

Into the Fold

Get your kiddo organized and help them keep track of important papers with folders. If your child has multiple classes or subjects, get a folder for each and vary the colors.

In a Bind

The loose-lined paper will end up everywhere without a three-ring binder. Don’t forget a set of dividers to keep everything organized inside. In addition, you can also add plastic pockets for odds and ends that your child needs to keep.

All Packed Up

Make sure your kid has pencils, erasers, and a sharpener in one place with a pencil pouch. You’ll want to find one big enough to hold all the essentials but compact enough to fit into a backpack or possibly their three-ring binder.

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Ready for a Great Year

Of course, your child’s teacher may ask for other supplies like flash cards or highlighters. Many teachers and schools issue supply lists when the new school year approaches. But by stocking up on the basics, your student will be ready to hit the ground running from the first day of school.

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