Save Your Garage Floors With These Mats!

Heavy duty interlocking rubber floor tiles

Garage floor mats can be an overlooked option when it comes to protecting or improving the overall look of your garage floor. There are so many options for garage flooring that people often forget about the usefulness, good looks, and benefits of a good garage mat! With that being said, we have found 5 of the most reliable and cost-effective garage floor mats for you.

ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Garage Floor Mat

This mat may be designed for strength and resistance training, but it also makes for a great protection mat for your garage. This mat protects from drippage, prevents slippages, and is nontoxic. The foam tiles make it easy for anyone to set up. Whether you are using it for weights or changing your oil, this versatile mat is one to check out.

Club Clean Floor Protector Garage Floor Mat

This simple-looking mat is one of the highest quality protectors on the market right now. The Club Clean’s Floor Protector has a top made of microfiber for maximum absorption while the lower layer traps liquids such as battery acid and gases. Plus, it comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Pro-Lift Foldable Garage Floor Mat

This vinyl mat was designed for comfort and convenient transporting. The 6-fold collapsible mat is made with EVA foam with a thick cushion for added comfort. This product is easy to store and move, as well as being great for your knees when working on your vehicle.

ESP 1AMGPL Airmatrix Garage Floor Mat

These eco-friendly pads are not only durable, but also affordable. They have two layers fused together to collect any spillage that may occur from your vehicle, while also minimizing slippage. The manageable pads are also fire-retardant.

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Drymate OSM2936C Large Garage Floor Mat

This non-slip mat will protect your garage floors from any expensive stain. The Premium Absorbent mat will keep any liquid in place with its waterproof layer, so your floor will stay untouched. The mat is eco-friendly as well as both phthalate and BPA free. Not only does this mat get the job done, but it is also a great price!

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