Recipes To Make Mom A Special Brunch

Mothers Day breakfast pancakes with heart shape and MOM letters

If you are planning Mother’s Day brunch for your mom or your spouse, and you need a little inspiration, take a look at these recipe ideas. We’ve got you covered with something sweet, something savory, and it wouldn’t be brunch without eggs and a morning pick-me-up. Keep reading for a few great recipe ideas.

Mother’s Day Cup-O-Matcha

Let’s start with a Mother’s day pick-me-up. Unlike during her regular weekday rush, Mom will have time to sit down and enjoy her morning beverage on Mother’s Day. So, make her something special that will give her a gentle perk of energy and taste great. We think she’ll love this well-balanced matcha latte made with coconut milk and honey.

Sweet Breakfast Recipes

Moms are sweet, so their special Mother’s Day meal should have something sweet too. Soft, sweet, gooey cinnamon rolls are a great option for your Mother’s Day brunch menu. And this recipe includes a homemade, cream cheese frosting to smother the cinnamon swirls with. Another indulgent breakfast option is French toast. If you’re serving brunch for two, you can use a traditional French toast recipe, but if you’re cooking for a crowd you might prefer this easy French toast bake. Instead of spending time making individual slices, you’ll be able to make a whole batch of French toast at once.

Savory Flatbread Pizza

For a savory brunch option, try this simple flatbread pizza recipe. It’s a quick recipe that eliminates the need for pizza dough. Plus, this version is full of veggies and has a bright flavor similar to spinach and artichoke dip. You’ll need a food processor to make a creamy white bean and artichoke sauce to use as the pizza base and a spinach-pesto topping. The results are a veggie and herb-filled dish that will make a great addition to Mother’s Day brunch.

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A Veggie Filled Mother’s Day Frittata

Eggs are a must-have at any brunch table. You could go the traditional route and make a simple egg and cheese scramble, or make your mom a couple of sunny-side-up eggs. Why not try your hand at something a bit fancier, like a frittata? It is Mother’s Day after all. Plus, this step-by-step guide has tips and tricks to help you perfect your frittata-making technique in no time.

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