Preparing Your Trade-In

Salesman giving new car keys to customer

Aside from buying a new home and paying for a college education, a new car is maybe the biggest purchase you’ll make. To lighten the financial load, you have some options. For instance, you could trade in your current vehicle. The value of your current model will knock some money off the purchase price of your new one. Before you go to the dealership to pursue this, you’ll want to have your car ready to get the most out of the trade.

Give It a Good Wash

Firstly, you don’t want to bring a dirty car to the dealer and expect to get a good trade-in value. First impressions mean a lot and thoroughly washing it will help. Take the time to wash the exterior. In addition, you should wax the vehicle to give it a good shine. This will also bolster the body and protect the paint from damage and fading.

Clean the Inside

The dealer and prospective buyers will probably notice the outside most, but you can’t neglect the interior. After all, this is where people will spend a lot of time. A dirty, worn-out interior will harm the car’s value. Furthermore, it could lead to further deterioration down the road. Detail the interior to remove stains and unpleasant smells. Also, wash the upholstery and floor mats. Lastly, clean the carpet thoroughly. Even if the car is several years old, you can make it look close to new again.

Make Minor Repairs, Leave Bigger Ones

This is a tough part of the conversation for many car owners. If something on the car needs attention, should you fix it or let it go? You should fix visible damage such as scratches and chips. But if the repairs are more extensive and will require a significant amount of money, you may want to think twice about it. For instance, if the car needs new tires or brakes, it may be best to let the dealership handle that. You won’t get as much out of the car, but spending the money yourself won’t likely be worth it.

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Get a Hold of Records

You can get more out of your car if you show that you have taken good care of it. This shows how responsible you have been over the years. Moreover, it tells the dealer that the car is in good condition. Provide records of recent maintenance and service you have performed on the vehicle. These include oil changes, tire rotations, brake replacements, belt maintenance and replacement, etc.

You should have your car in as good shape as possible when you trade it in. These recommendations will help you get a fair trade-in value when you shop. Come down and visit the team at Bob Brady Buick GMC in Forsyth, Illinois, today to talk about your trade-in.

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