Preserve Your Memories With These Photo Organizing Tips

Woman looking at photographs at home

You might have already started or finished your spring cleaning list around the house. If you are like most folks, organizing things like family photos often gets overlooked each year until it is too late. Don’t get caught looking for a specific photo only to find yourself lost in unorganized memories. Here are some tips from Organizing Moms to get keep photos safe.

Gather Photos

Start with gathering together all of the printed photos around your home. Also, grab photo albums that are sitting around with some space left in them to add more photos. Also, separate the photo CDs and DVDs and put them in a bin on their own. Include any licenses to make prints from these CDs or DVDs in the box with them. Whatever box you use, be sure to label it.

Declutter Photos

Start decluttering photos into organized piles. Whether you organize piles by the person or people in photos or events, it’s up to you. Remove photos that are junk, like accidental snaps during the disposable camera days or blown-out flashes. If you don’t recognize people in photos, but feel like you can’t simply throw them away, make a pile for those photos. Also, if the person in a photo doesn’t make you happy or brings up bad memories, consider throwing them out.

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Display Photos

Once you have all of the photos organized, put them into photo albums! Photo albums are designed to help protect photos through the years. You can get different albums for each category of photo piles you have, or get multiple of the same album that fits your home’s decor. Just like you divided photos into similar piles, you will want to put photos into the albums in similar groups. Now it’s time to consider how you will store your organized albums. You can store them away in a closet to bring out during special occasions, or display them around the house for everyone to enjoy at any time.

You will feel so much better knowing these precious memories are organized and protected for many years to come.

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