Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Tips

Couple exchanging christmas gift with red bow on background of christmas tree with lights. Stylish couple hands holding present with red ribbon close up in festive decorated room. Happy Holidays
When it comes to buying Christmas presents, there can be some stress. However, there are ways to reduce these challenges, even if Christmas is coming and you still have items to buy. Following some easy tips can help you keep the spirit of the holiday without feeling overwhelmed. Make a List Staying... [read more]

DIY Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

the girl makes a homemade snowflakes cut out of paper, preparation for the new year, Christmas, home decoration
When you think of Christmas, many things probably come to mind. Decorations can certainly add to the magic of the season. You see them outside homes and inside on windows, mantels, tables, and walls. Moreover, you’ll see them on the Christmas tree as ornaments. These decorations come in all shapes,... [read more]

Clean Your House This Fall

woman cleaning home
Summer is in the books, and fall is quickly moving along. It’s a good chance for you to evaluate your home and do some serious cleaning. For example, before the holiday season hits, you should make sure your house and yard are clean and organized. Don’t let this project overwhelm... [read more]

Cleaning Your Tires With Household Products

Car wash.
Every time you drive in Forsyth, IL, or anywhere else, your car is going to encounter dirt, mud, and other debris and materials. The tires will bear a big brunt of this abuse. Not only does this wear out the tires, but it causes them to suffer aesthetically. If you... [read more]

Get Crafty This Fall With These DIY Ideas

High angle portrait of young woman making handmade autumn decoration using yellow eaves
You can embrace the new season by decorating your home. However, you may think that doing this will require spending a lot of money buying elaborate decorations. The good news is there are some do-it-yourself options that will create a lovely fall ambiance at home. Pumpkin Garland Fall and pumpkins go hand... [read more]

Try This Green Bean Casserole For Friendsgiving

Healthy Homemade Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole Ready to Eat
Starting in late November with Thanksgiving and through the rest of the year with Christmas and New Year’s, there are lots of occasions to get together. Many people supplement Thanksgiving with a gathering and celebration called “Friendsgiving.” On this day when you’re together, you’ll want to include some delicious food.... [read more]

Have A Date Night At The Beach House

"Delicious fried calamari, with both tentacles and rings, served with cocktail sauce.
Overlooking the lake, The Beach House offers gorgeous, scenic views. But the feasts aren’t just for your eyes. You’ll also find fresh, high-quality ingredients and delicious meals. And all of this combines to make The Beach House in Decatur a perfect date destination. Book a table and have your date... [read more]

How To Wash Your Car At Home Tips

Man cleaning car in front of house
Washing your car is a key part of maintaining it over the years. But you might be surprised to find out that there are techniques that can help preserve your car’s good looks. And many people do not trust automatic car washes because, sometimes, they can damage your vehicle. Instead,... [read more]

The Best Fall Chicken and Vegetable Soup Recipe

Closeup of a bowl of chicken noodle and vegetable soup
Chicken soup has long been a tool for banishing bad colds and brisk fall weather. In addition, a good bowl of chicken soup can warm your body and soul and give you the nourishment you need. But you might be looking for a fresh take on this fall cure-all. Or, you... [read more]

Get In The Fall Spirit With This Movie List

young loving couple watching movie
Movie nights are great any time of the year, but there are certain movies that just scream “fall.” Perhaps they echo the cozy feeling of snuggling into a blanket while cool breezes blow outside. Or they might happen in the fall or have a magical aspect. Whatever the reason, these... [read more]