Learn How To Clean Up The After-Christmas Mess

Young man tidying up living room after party

Christmas is the most highly anticipated time of the year. The excitement that surrounds this holiday extends for weeks or even months for some people. But once the fun ends and the calendar turns to Dec. 24, you’ll have a big cleanup job ahead of you. To organize your house and get it back in good shape, you need to be diligent. Moreover, there are also some helpful tips you can follow to make this task successful.

Wrap up the Lights

When it comes to Christmas decorations, there aren’t many more frustrating things than tangled-up lights. Strands of colorful Christmas lights are beautiful to look at but a pain to unravel. However, you can avoid these problems next Christmas when it’s cleanup time. Wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard. That will make it much easier when you take them out to set them up again.

Store the Wrapping Paper Properly

If you have leftover wrapping paper, you can easily reuse it next Christmas. But if you don’t store it effectively, it can rip or be otherwise unusable next December. Furthermore, you might forget about it and waste money by buying more. Storing wrapping paper in long containers with lids will keep the rolls safe and dry.

Make Some Donations

Thirdly, have a box handy as you are putting away Christmas items. In it, you can place anything you don’t plan on using going forward. You can then donate them to a charity or someone in need. For instance, place Christmas decorations, clothing, and toys inside your donation box. Doing this will allow you to declutter and do some good for people less fortunate.

Pay Close Attention to the Tree

Next, before you dispose of the Christmas tree (or put it away if it’s artificial), ensure you’ve removed all the ornaments. Then, if it’s a real tree, recycle it properly. You can do this by finding out what local programs are available. If it’s a fake tree, secure it in a container and pack it safely.

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Clean out the Fridge

Christmastime always includes food – lots of it. You’re bound to have plenty of leftovers after your meals and get-togethers. The problem is a lot of this food stays in the fridge far too long. When you’re cleaning up after Christmas, make sure you take a close look at the refrigerator. If you fail to throw out expired food, you’ll soon discover foul stenches. Or, someone may get sick eating the food.

These are just a few ideas for cleaning up effectively after Christmas. Put these into practice this year to enjoy a tidy, organized house heading into the next year.

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