Know When To Replace Your Tires

The car mechanic is changing the tire.

Did you know your tires directly impact safety, performance, and braking? That means you’re at a higher risk of a blowout or accident if you’re driving on old, worn tires. With that in mind, check out some signs that you need to replace your tires. If you notice any of these signs, get new tires right away.

Your Tires Can’t Pass the Penny Test

Your tires need enough tread to grip the road when you drive. Once the tread gets too low, you’ll have trouble maintaining traction and might even spin out if you hit a wet or icy spot. Fortunately, checking the traction is easy with the penny test.

Take out a penny and hold it with Lincoln facing you. Make sure it’s upside down and insert it between the tread. If you can’t see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tires still have enough tread. However, if his head pokes out, you need to replace them.

The Tread is Uneven

You should follow your manufacturer’s instructions regarding tire rotations to ensure even wear. Additionally, it’s important to visually inspect your tires to see if the tread is wearing evenly. If you notice uneven wear patterns, it’s important to take your car to a technician for an inspection. Most likely, you’ll need new tires to prevent blowouts and handling issues. Then the technician can set you up on a tire rotation schedule so you don’t encounter the same problem down the road.

Your Tires are Losing Pressure

You should check the tire pressure once a month at a minimum. If it’s low, add some air before getting back on the road. Your tire will likely hold onto the air without any problems. However, if you find yourself constantly adding air, you likely have a leak. While you might be able to fix a small leak, you’ll need to replace your tires if the damage is significant.

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They’re Old

Tires have a finite lifespan, and if you try to push them past the limit, you can expect to experience safety and performance issues. Find out when your manufacturer recommends replacing your tires. If you’ve passed that milestone, it’s time for a new set.

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