Take A Trip To The Illinois Raptor Center

Experienced veterinarian examining young Ara parrots health.

The Illinois Raptor Center in Decatur, Illinois has been protecting the birds of the area since 1991 through wildlife rehabilitation and conservation awareness. Let’s learn more about what the Illinois Raptor Center has to offer. 

A Bird’s-Eye-View

The 501(c)3 raptor center is a 25.5-acre facility along the Sangamon River. The property is made up of an education complex, a flight and rehabilitation center, a wildlife hospital, a program building, and a nature center. The IRC Super Flight is a 400-foot long facility, and it is the largest of its kind in the United States. The wildlife hospital serves native Illinois species and specializes in birds of prey like hawks, falcons, owls, and eagles. If you find yourself needing to take an injured or orphaned wild animal to the wildlife hospital, know that there is no charge to do so.

Things to Do

The Illinois Raptor Center offers programs for adults! Check out the Personal Raptor Experience and pick which raptor you would like to meet up close and learn more about. This is great for couples or a gift for the avid bird watcher you know. Interested in learning more about eagles? Sign up with a friend for the Personal Eagle Experience.

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Get Involved

The best way to get involved with the Illinois Raptor Center is to donate. Join Two Dollar Tuesdays to help keep the center fully funded and operating. Become familiar with wildlife laws and how you can help without hurting an animal. Just because you happen to find a wild animal alone doesn’t mean it needs rescuing. Finally, contact the IRC, a Wildlife Rehabilitator, or a Conservation Police Office for help in rescuing a wild animal.

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