How To Wash Your Car At Home Tips

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Washing your car is a key part of maintaining it over the years. But you might be surprised to find out that there are techniques that can help preserve your car’s good looks. And many people do not trust automatic car washes because, sometimes, they can damage your vehicle. Instead, try these tips for washing your car at home.

Prepping for Your Car Wash

Despite doing a thorough job, your car wash should take less than an hour. However, it can be sunny even in the fall, so take precautions and use sunscreen. In addition, you can park in the shade. Also, don’t forget to check with your neighborhood and city to ensure you are allowed to wash your car at home. You’ll also need to gather the tools to avoid having to stop and find things. For your car wash, you’ll need:

  • A hose, or ready access to fresh water
  • Two buckets
  • A microfiber cloth or washing mitt
  • Two dirt traps for your buckets
  • More microfiber cloths for drying
  • A brush for your car wheels
  • Car wash soap
  • Wheel degreaser

Steps for Washing Your Car

  1. First, gather all your car wash tools. Then, move your car to the shade if you can so that you aren’t in the direct sun. Next, rinse your car with the hose using a spray nozzle. You can also use a bucket and sponge, but it’ll be much more challenging, and you’ll need to wash in small sections. And a spray nozzle can help you remove loose dirt from your wheels and the underside of your vehicle.
  2. Now, spray your wheels with the wheel cleaner or degreaser. Use the wheel brush or a separate microfiber mitt to loosen and remove the grime, making sure you get in all the cracks. After you scrub the dirt off, rinse your wheels thoroughly.
  3. Next, give your car another rinse all over. You’ll begin washing the car working from the top down in sections. Of course, if you have stubborn spots or stuck-on bugs, a degreaser can help you get them off. Add soap to your first bucket and water, and start working with your microfiber mitt. After washing a section, dip your sponge or mitt into the second bucket and squeeze to get rid of the dirty water.
  4. After you have washed the entire car, give it one final rinse. Then, break out the other microfiber cloths to wipe them dry. Of course, if you don’t wipe the water off, the droplets can dry and leave marks. Also, take a cloth and wipe around the door jambs to remove any last bits of dirt. Some people use bath towels to dry their cars instead of microfiber. But the key is to prevent scratching, so be sure you’re using soft fibers.

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Keep Your Car in Great Condition

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