How To Survive Allergy Season

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Spring is right around the corner. Soon, tree buds will produce new green leaves, and flowers will start to appear. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when many people suffer from terrible allergies. During the spring and summer, pollen can turn a beautiful day into a sneeze-fest. Here are some tips for surviving the upcoming allergy season.

Close Your Doors and Windows

It’s tempting to open the windows and let the breeze blow in. But that breeze could be bringing tons of pollen into your home. If you struggle with pollen-related allergies, keep your doors and windows closed. In addition, you may need to spend more time indoors on high-pollen days.

Use a Good Filter

HEPA filters can be an allergy sufferer’s best friend. These filters help clean the air inside your home or business. With the correct filter, you can remove many types of pollen and dust particles from the air. To make it more effective, keep your windows closed when you use the HEPA filter inside.

Wash Up Before Bed

Believe it or not, a quick wash can reduce the severity of your allergy symptoms. In fact, pollen and dust can stick to our clothes, skin, and hair. During the day, they build up and can make your allergies feel worse. If you are dealing with allergies, change your clothes and shower before bed to remove the allergens. In addition, wash your clothes as soon as you can to prevent them from transferring the pollen to other things.

Avoid Dry, Windy Days Outside

If you have trouble with allergies, dry, windy days can be challenging. When conditions are dry, dust and pollen are more airborne. Although the sun may be shining, you might not be able to enjoy it through watery eyes and constant sneezing. Be sure to check the upcoming weather forecast. If possible, try to stay indoors on those days.

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Check In with Your Doctor

Many people have some kind of allergy. But knowing what you are allergic to can be a big help in finding relief. For instance, you might be allergic to a specific tree or flower pollen. Sometimes, you can get relief by changing your landscaping. However, there are so many different types of allergies. And some can lead to severe illness. A doctor can pin down what is causing your allergic reaction. In addition, over-the-counter or prescription options may bring some relief. You may also get a referral to a specialist who can help create an ongoing care plan.

This year, don’t let seasonal allergies get the best of you. Take care of your health and find some relief. Try these tips to minimize allergy problems, and don’t forget to check in with your doctor. Make this the year you sniffle less and enjoy your day more!

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