How To Play Bocce Ball

Healthy senior people playing boules

When nicer weather comes to your backyard, it’s time to get outdoors with family and friends. For example, you may have an upcoming barbecue or picnic. Or, maybe you want to take a trip to the park or spend the afternoon in your yard. A family game such as a bocce ball can be a hit with anyone. It’s not a complicated game to learn or play. Moreover, you can enjoy it anytime you feel like getting outside and enjoying a leisure activity.

The Equipment You’ll Use

You won’t need to wear anything special to play bocce ball. In addition, there aren’t a lot of pieces of equipment you’ll need. The game includes eight bocce balls, usually 4.2 inches in diameter. The balls come in four balls of two different colors, one for each team. You will also use a smaller ball called Pallino or a jack. This is the target you and the other players will aim for during the game.

Playing Field

A bocce ball field called a court is best when you have a smooth, flat surface. Long grass, hills, and bumps will hinder your play. Ideally, the court should be 13 feet wide and 91 feet long. However, if you don’t have this much room to accommodate a regulation area, you can modify it according to your needs. There is a foul line on both ends of the court that you will mark off. It should be 10 feet from the end of the court and represents where players will stand to throw the ball. Players are not allowed to cross the line when throwing their bocce ball.

Number of Players

Anywhere from two players to eight players can play at a time. If there are eight players, each participant will throw one ball. If there are only two players, each one will throw four balls per game.

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Basic Rules

Firstly, a player tosses the jack on the court. Wherever it lands is where players aim their bocce balls. Alternating between teams, going one at a time, a player will throw the bocce ball toward the jack. It is best to cup the ball and throw it underhand. Your goal will be to get the ball as close to the jack as possible. If you go after an opposing player, try to get closer to the jack than your opponent’s ball. You can strategically hit an opponent’s ball to move it farther away from the jack. Similarly, you can hit a teammate’s ball to get it closer. The team with the ball closest to the jack wins.

Bocce ball is not a complicated game, nor is it physically demanding. You can fall in love with this backyard game, especially as you understand the rules and purpose.

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