Holiday Bows To Add Some Style

christmas gift at home

The biggest gift-wrapping season is upon us, and if you’re anything like us you want your gifts to look as cute as can be. Once you’ve picked out your favorite holiday wrapping paper, it’s time to decide what kind of bow will finish it off. There are many types of bows to choose from, and while some may look complicated, they’re actually really easy. We’re going to break down a couple of popular bow types and what you need to make them.


There’s no bow that’s easier than the classic bow style with ribbon. All you need is a wide ribbon and a pair of scissors and you’re ready to make your bows. Since this is such a simple bow, you may want to use ribbon with a slight pattern in order to make it eye-catching. If you’re going for a minimalist look, then pick whatever solid color you’d prefer for the ribbon. Either way, your gifts will look like they were professionally wrapped.


Paper bows may sound strange and complicated when really they’re anything but. Bows don’t have to be made out of ribbons to be stunning. You can use felt, wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, or cardstock to make this type of bow. You’ll also need double-sided tape, hot glue, and a pair of scissors. These only take a minute or so to make per bow, so if you need to make multiple bows in a short amount of time, this one is for you.

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This option is simply stunning. Also known as a pom-pom bow, rosette bows are show-stopping due to their intricate design. They’re still relatively easy to construct despite their complicated appearance. All you need is ribbon, a pair of scissors, and craft wire if you’re planning on using a bow that doesn’t already have wire in it for best shaping results. Then, just follow these simple instructions and you’re ready to create beautiful rosette bows.

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