Give Your Car A Break From The Heat With These Helpful Tips

Man fixing his car.Summer is rapidly approaching and that means a new set of potential problems for those who don’t fare well in the summer heat. The same is true for your car. Here are a couple of helpful tips to ensure your car doesn’t leave you stranded on I-57 this summer.


It’s always smart to start with an in-depth inspection of your vehicle when the seasons change. If you know what to look for, spend an afternoon ensuring your car is ready for the months ahead. In case that doesn’t sound like you, take your rig into Bob Brady Buick GMC and have it examined by a trained technician.

But, let’s say you are that do-it-yourselfer or that’s the person you aspire to be. In any case, a good place to start is with the engine. If your engine croaks in the summer heat, you may find yourself stranded. If you do find yourself stranded from engine problems, a tow truck may be your only option. Not a fun Saturday… or any day.


Once you pop the hood, give your vehicle’s battery a look. Check the cables and the battery itself to see if there is any corrosion. If you spot anything, be sure to clean the battery properly or consider replacing it. 

Fluid Levels

Next, check your car, truck, or SUV’s fluid levels. There may be more to examine than you think. But all are important to maintaining the health of your vehicle, so don’t overlook any. Check your oil levels, brake fluid, wiper fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. When all of that’s been squared away be sure to inspect the hoses on your vehicle to ensure the fluid is ending up where it needs to go.


Now that your engine is ready for summer, make sure your tires are as well. In addition to checking the tread and looking for any pesky punctures, it never hurts to see if your tires are evenly inflated at the recommended PSI.

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In the end, perhaps the best summer auto tip is ensuring one’s air conditioning is fully operational. Not only will it enhance your summer drives home from work, but it will also benefit those riding in the back on your next road trip. 

If you are planning a long trip this year get your vehicle examined by someone capable. Whether that’s you, someone in your family, or a professional technician.

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