Hearty Salad Recipes

Leaf vegetable salad with smoked salmon

Hungry for lunch? Salads get a rap because they’re too leafy, not filling, and lacking protein. If you want to enjoy a light lunch, full of color and protein that will stick with you until dinner, grab the ingredients for these hearty salads you will chow down on all summer long.

Smoked Salmon Salad

Smoked salmon is delicious in the mornings on bagels and toast, so why not toss it in a green goddess salad? This recipe is full of nutrients, including French green lentils, tarragon, parsley, yoghurt, spinach, avocado, and more. Drizzle green goddess dressing over this bowl of art and enjoy!

Speedy Wild Rice and Salmon Salad

If you prefer your salmon cooked, you are in luck with this Speedy Wild Rice and Salmon Salad. Not only will the wild rice make it more filling to help you conquer the day on a full stomach, but the citrus salmon gives you the taste of summer you have been craving. Make sure you have oranges and pomegranate seeds on hand.

BLT Salad

If you find yourself craving a BLT sandwich every day of the week, this BLT Salad is just the recipe for you. Packed with all of the BLT staples, including bacon, lettuce, and tomato, you are in for a tasty and colorful treat. The homemade dressing, consisting of vinegar, oil, and mustard is the perfect compliment to the BLT flavor. After just one bite, this easy salad dressing will become a staple in your fridge.

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