Have A Date Night At The Beach House

"Delicious fried calamari, with both tentacles and rings, served with cocktail sauce.

Overlooking the lake, The Beach House offers gorgeous, scenic views. But the feasts aren’t just for your eyes. You’ll also find fresh, high-quality ingredients and delicious meals. And all of this combines to make The Beach House in Decatur a perfect date destination. Book a table and have your date night at The Beach House.

Plan Your Date

If you’re hoping for a romantic dinner, you can’t go wrong with The Beach House at 2301 E. Lake Shore Dr. in Decatur, IL. From Tuesday through Saturday, you can enjoy dinner service from 5:00 p.m. until closing. It’s best to call if you plan to have a late dinner and need the closing hours. Of course, not every date is great in the evening. Make a lunch date with your sweetie at The Beach House from Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Finally, the restaurant is sometimes open on Sundays during the summer.

Fresh Fare Daily

With fresh seafood flown in from many places, including the Chesapeake Bay, you’ll love both the appetizers and the entrees available. In fact, the chef prepares everything with the freshest ingredients. Also, the sides may change depending on what is most fresh and seasonally available. But if seafood isn’t your preference, never fear. You can also find tender and delicious steaks, salads, and sandwiches on the dinner menu.

The Lunch Bunch

Despite the short lunch seating, you’ll find a menu packed with choices. Grab one or two appetizers to share with your date. Then, decide which filling sandwich will hit the spot. In fact, there are so many lunch options you might have trouble choosing. For example, the Nantucket features fresh gulf shrimp, pesto, au-gratin alfredo, and more. And there’s also the Big Hot Ham, piled with plenty of shaved ham and topped with melty white cheddar.

Romantic, Scenic Views All Around

Located within the Decatur Park District, The Beach House is situated in a beautiful spot. In fact, Lake Decatur borders one side, making the sunset particularly romantic. And on the other side, Nelson Park ensures that your view includes gorgeous plants and trees. Of course, with all this beauty surrounding the restaurant, you’ll see everything from people getting to know each other on their first date to weddings.

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Make Your Reservation Today

Plan out your date by making a reservation. Because The Beach House serves fantastic food and provides excellent customer service, it is a popular destination. And you’ll love the romantic setting and breathtaking views. In addition, if the weather is nice, you can grab a seat on the deck to enjoy the mellow evening. If you’re looking for a way to wow your date and eat a delicious, chef-prepared meal, then The Beach House is your destination.


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