Grab Lunch At Benny’s Grill

Close-up of a cheeseburger and fries

When a restaurant says they want you to feel at home in their dining room, it’s easy to think of that as just an advertising slogan. At Benny’s Grill, it’s the real deal.

Cool and Casual

Benny’s specializes in American fare and casual Italian dining options. With fresh salads, steaks, pastas, seafood, and a thin-crust pizza that’s out of this world, Benny’s is a must when you’re in Decatur and looking for a good, satisfying meal for lunch. One of the best things about Benny’s is that they really treat their customers like members of their family, with a lovely dose of that famous Italian hospitality. They’re going to make sure you don’t go away hungry.

Hand-crafted Burgers

Benny’s burgers are special. They’re patted out by hand from 100 percent beef that’s been ground that same day and then seasoned to perfection to ensure that you get a fresh, tasty burger. That’s a half-pound of ground chuck cooked to your specifications and then lovingly served with either a kaiser or brioche bun. The burgers come with hand-cut fries as a side, and this is one of those situations where you find that the side dish is just as excellent as the entrĂ©e.


Want a Benny’s meal at home or at your next office party? They cater, and they’ll work with you to ensure that you get a meal that your guests will find irresistible and that you’ll be proud to serve. Benny’s specializes in delivering unforgettable flavor combinations that you won’t get anywhere else, and they’ve got the track record to prove that.

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When You Go

Make sure that you check out Benny’s lunch specials at their online menu before you head to the restaurant. You’re sure to find something that you love.

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