Get In The Fall Spirit With This Movie List

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Movie nights are great any time of the year, but there are certain movies that just scream “fall.” Perhaps they echo the cozy feeling of snuggling into a blanket while cool breezes blow outside. Or they might happen in the fall or have a magical aspect. Whatever the reason, these movies feel more appropriate when the leaves change and fall outside, and winter approaches. Get in the fall spirit with this movie list.

Practical Magic

Based on Alice Hoffman’s book of the same name, this movie has become a cult classic. Although it came out in 1998, it features big-name stars who show everyone how love can mend what’s broken. Plus, there’s some very fall-ish witchy magic.


A little scary, creepy, and with a lot of sweetness, Coraline is a great fall movie go-to. In Coraline, a little girl finds a door to another world and encounters things that might not be all they seem. In addition, there are a talking cat and dancing rats.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Something drives many of us home on Thanksgiving, no matter the barriers. In Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, everything that could go wrong does, with hilarious results. But there’s not much many of us wouldn’t do for the right turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes.

Knives Out

This ‘Westing Game’ style whodunit features a creaky, mysterious house, lush, cable-knit sweaters, and unbelievable accents. Of course, there’s a big twist or two as the mystery unfolds, along with tons of laughs.

Waiting to Exhale

There are “best friends experience changes” movies, and then there’s this one. While there’s nothing in the film explicitly about fall, there’s something about the changes they go through and the way they hold tight to each other that feels very much like fall.

Little Women (1994)

There’s a more recent version of this movie and an older version. But the one from the 1990s has a lot of fall feels. In addition, it does a beautiful job of showcasing how each sister grows and changes through the seasons of her own life.

When Harry Met Sally

There are a lot of scenes featuring fall and the changing leaves in New York in this movie. And while their love story takes over a decade, some of the best scenes feature the character Sally in some fabulous fall attire.

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The Craft

Scary teen girls with too much power use witchcraft to get back at the ones who hurt them. As a result, it has a very Halloween vibe. Although it’s not a horror film, it definitely has an edge that makes it a great one to watch once the little ones go to bed.

There are so many more movies that have a very fall spirit. What are some of your favorites to watch?

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