Fun Board Games For The Whole Family

Close up of unrecognizable women playing board game.

We have spent most of the past year inside with our family. You might already have a regularly-scheduled family night with movies, virtual game nights, or even crafts. Feeling like there is too much technology being used? Revamp your family night with an old-school board game. We’ve pulled a few game options from Wirecutter that kids are sure to love.

Perfect for Preschool

  1. First Orchard – pick all the fruits from the tree and place them in the basket before the raven gets them. Players roll dice to determine if they get to pick fruit or move the raven up a space. This game is perfect for up to five players and only takes about 15 minutes.

Ages 5 and Up

  1. Rhino Hero – You will definitely get “house of cards” vibes with this game. Players use L-shaped and flat cards to build a tower. Flat cards are labeled with instructions on how the L-shaped card must be placed and a rhino superhero moves to the top of the tower making it a little wobbly each time. The game ends with a winner when a player places all of their flat cards or the tower falls. This game is great for up to five players and takes about 15 minutes.

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For the Family

  1. Exit: The Game – The House Of Riddles – If your family was into going to those escape rooms on a regular basis, then you can still have the same fun at home with this game. Up to four players can work their way to “escape” an abandoned house. Exit offers a series of different scenarios and each takes about an hour to play, similar to the escape rooms.
  2. Chameleon – This is a game of manipulation. Codeword cards are shuffled and one player is the chameleon. Players take turns shouting out related words to the code word and have to figure out who the chameleon is while the chameleon tries to guess the code word. This game is great for older children and perfect for larger groups up to eight.

Pick out a board game fitting for your family and plan a technology-free night in. Board games are a great way to bond and learn more about each other. You could even plan a board game swap with neighbors once you’ve played a game and are ready for something new.

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