Find Authentic Mexican Food At El Rodeo

chips and guacamole in a restaurant

Mexican food can be so satisfying and full of flavor. Fortunately for Decatur residents, El Rodeo serves the most delicious Mexican dishes every day of the week. From the many shrimp dishes to traditional, filling plates, everyone knows where to go for the best. Find authentic Mexican food at El Rodeo today.

Go Traditional With These Generous Plates

From rib-sticking chilaquiles to the cheese-stuffed Chiles Poblanos, the traditional plates will satisfy. Full portions and fresh ingredients mean you’ll savor every bite and leave the table stuffed. While El Rodeo features many traditional dishes, the true charm is tasting the individual flair that a chef adds to a recipe. As a result, you’ll get homestyle food packed full of flavor and made with love.

So Many Choices

A full menu means that every eater will be happy at El Rodeo. Even your most picky family member is sure to find a dish that hits the spot. This is true whether you’re a steak person who craves that off-the-grill taste or a fan of fresh, bright veggies. You’ll love the complex flavor of each dish. Besides, there’s a long list of available combos if you can’t choose what you prefer. Take care of all your cravings, and cap the meal off with something sweet from the dessert menu.

Community Is Important

As a family-owned restaurant, El Rodeo believes in supporting the community. Not only do the staff serve up the best quality Mexican food, but they also source the ingredients from local growers. It allows El Rodeo to offer the freshest flavors that don’t have to travel thousands of miles before arriving in the kitchen. El Rodeo also loves hosting your get-togethers and parties. The dining room has plenty of space for birthdays or other celebrations.

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When to Go to El Rodeo

You can stop by El Rodeo for an incredible lunch or fabulous dinner any day of the week. Monday through Saturday, service begins at 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. Whether you want an early lunch or a late evening dinner, you’re welcome at El Rodeo. On Sunday, you can come by between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. You can also get more information or see the latest happening by checking El Rodeo’s Facebook page. Moreover, you can get offers found nowhere else by joining the newsletter. Finally, what customers think is important. El Rodeo loves to hear from people, so don’t be shy about getting in touch.

If you haven’t been to El Rodeo lately, you’re overdue for a visit. Stop by El Rodeo near the Walmart SuperCenter, and get some authentic Mexican food today.

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