Feng Shui Your Home This Year

Warm afternoon sunlight pours into an elegant home's living room with a stone fireplace and large windows looking out into the yard. letting in Feng Shui.

Did you commit to making 2023 the year you finally get your home decluttered, you finances in order, and generally improve the quality of your life. Don’t loose steam, as we enter the second month of the year. The thing about overhauling your life is that it’s sometimes a series of trials and errors before you find the right combination of new habits and practices. If you haven’t quite nailed down what works for you, use these tips to give Feng Shui a try.

What is Feng Shui Anyway?

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that focuses on using interior design to improve the good energy in your life. How? By allowing chi (good energy) to flow into your home. The practice is rumored to increase health, wealth, and well-being. Weather or not that’s true is debatable. After all, there is no proof chi even exists. But using Feng Shui as a starting point for reorganizing your home can’t hurt.

How To Feng Shui

Feng Shui is all about letting the flow of good energy into your home, eliminating elements that can stopper that flow and allow bad energy to accumulate. Again, there’s no proof that’s true, but take a look around your home and think about how water might flow through it. Is there anything that would stop a stream from flowing from your front door to the back door? If so, eliminate it. Even if it doesn’t increase the chi in your home, eliminating things that would stop it’s flow might stop you from knocking your knee against the coffee table in the center of your living room.  Keeping reading for other Feng Shui tips.

Let the Good Energy In

First, you can’t have good energy in your home if your don’t let it in. So follow these tips to do just that.

  • Clear your entry way on the inside and the outside.
  • Add a water element to your front door. A small fountain will suffice.
  • Clean your windows to let in natural light.

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Clear Out the Bad Energy

Next, get rid of things that might accumulate bad energy in your home.

  • Fix or discard broken things.
  • Make sure your doors are working properly and clean and dust them.
  • Place your bed and desks in commanding position. This is a position that allows you to see the door from the furthest part of the room
  • Declutter your home

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