Entertain The Kids On Long Road Trips

Entertain kids on road trip. brother and sister sleeping on backseats of car while having trip

Whether you have younger or older kids, you want them to enjoy road trips as much as you do. However, they often feel bored during the drive. That’s especially true for younger children. To ensure you have an amazing next adventure, consider some of these options to entertain the kids on long road trips.

Have Personalized Bins for Long Road Trips

Here’s a great way to give your kids a little independence while, at the same time, making your road trip fun. Provide each child with a plastic bin. Instead of you choosing the items to place inside, let them pack. However, remind them that they need to focus on things that’ll keep them busy while traveling.

If you have young children, you could recommend two things and then let them choose. Do that repeatedly until they’ve filled their bin. Some excellent ideas include toy cars, coloring books and crayons, reading books, and even treats like individual bags of Skittles or M&Ms.

Rolling Theater

If you’re the creative type, you’ll love this idea. First, choose several movies, including your kids’ favorites and a few they haven’t seen. Second, put popcorn in individual serving containers. Third, relax and enjoy the trip while they focus on the screen. They can watch the movies on a tablet or a video screen if your vehicle has one.


Select a few audiobooks for your kids to enjoy on your road trip. Be sure to choose age-appropriate content so they’ll stay focused. For the little ones, you could choose a selection of mini-stories, while for the older kids, have them choose something they find interesting. Even young children will stay busy for at least an hour.

Entertain Your Kids on Road Trips Using Fun Apps

As a parent, you know from firsthand experience that kids have short attention spans. So, if you’re planning a longer road trip, you’ll want to keep that in mind. Downloading suitable apps is another excellent way to entertain them. With thousands upon thousands of options, you’ll have no problem finding ones that they’ll have fun playing.

Not only are many apps a blast, but they’re also educational. For instance, you could select a few that involve trivia. Also, puzzle apps and games are ideal. Depending on the age of your kids and the apps that you select, they could stay busy throughout the entire drive.

Entertain the Kids with Snack Time on Road Trips

You can’t have a successful road trip without snacks. However, rather than pack traditional food items, come up with things your kids will find delicious and fun to eat. One option is to make snack bars using different flavors of Cheerio cereal. You could also make some trail mix at home before leaving on your trip. Use things like raisins, pretzel sticks, peanuts, and miniature M&Ms for this.

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Entertain The Kids & Enjoy the Adventure

With the right entertainment, you can entertain the kids on long road trips as well as enjoy the adventure yourself. In addition, take time to point out different things of interest as you travel. That way, they’ll learn about various locations and what makes them unique.


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