Entertain Your Kids With These Easy Holiday Crafts

Child on Thanksgiving.

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving, and you’re counting down the days until you share a massive spread with your family. This year, you can add to the fun by doing some holiday crafts with your kids as well. Then you can enjoy some crafts as you get closer and closer to digging into turkey, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving treats. Check out these simple holiday crafts that your entire family is sure to love.

Gratitude Turkeys

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all the amazing things in your life. You can hit the ground running by making Gratitude Turkeys with your loved ones. After making the turkey, you’ll use construction paper to attach the feathers. Then write something you’re thankful for on each feather. Do this as an entire family so you can celebrate all of the blessings in your lives. Then hang the gratitude turkeys up so you can remember everything you’re thankful for as you get closer to the holiday.

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Are you searching for a way to create the perfect Thanksgiving table? You’re sure to impress your guests with this Thanksgiving Napkin Rings craft. You’ll decorate cardboard tubes with ribbon, fabric, felt, or twine, and then add embellishments. With this craft, you have leeway to choose your embellishments. That means you can dress it up to match your Thanksgiving table. Decide what you want your napkin rings to look like, and then get the whole family in on the fun.

Styrofoam Cup Pilgrim Hat

You can easily show off your holiday spirit with this Styrofoam Cup Pilgrim Hat craft. Consider making several of the hats so you can use them as place cards for your Thanksgiving table. You can write the name of each family member or guest on the front of the hats and place them around the table. Everyone will say that you went all out when creating your holiday table this year, and they won’t even have to know that these hats only took a couple of minutes to make.

Pine Cone Turkey Centerpiece

You can also dress up your holiday table with this Pine Cone Turkey Centerpiece craft. This craft is a breeze to make if you have a circle edge paper punch. Then you can create various shapes for your centerpiece. The result will be a holiday turkey that looks like it was meant for the center of your table.

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Turkey Cone Party Hat

You can make the holiday more festive by making these Turkey Cone Party Hats. The feathered hats are adorable, and your kids will love wearing them while devouring the holiday meal. You can even make some extras to use for decorations if you wish.

Pick up some supplies so you can make these holiday crafts. Then gather your family together for a fun day of crafting. Within a few hours, you’ll have numerous crafts that will help you celebrate Thanksgiving.

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