DIY Water Toys To Beat The Heat At Home

Filling colorful water balloons with water

A hot summer is on the way, so you are probably already looking for ideas to beat the heat. Don’t sweat it! We’ve found three easy DIY water toys kids and adults are sure to have fun with.

DIY Water Sponge Toys

This easy DIY does away with troublesome water balloons, but they still provide loads of fun. Grab some new soft kitchen sponges in different colors from your local store, as well as some zip ties. Cut the sponges length-wise into thirds. Gather eight or nine cut pieces. You can mix colors or make each water sponge toy with one solid color. Secure a zip tie around the center of your cut sponge pieces tightly, allowing the ends of the sponge to fray out. Be sure to cut off the excess zip tie as short as possible to avoid sharp edges. Soak your DIY water sponge toys in a bucket or pool and enjoy the fun!

DIY Water Balloon Piñata

Get the kids up and moving with this easy and fun water DIY. Grab a pack of water balloons, some yarn, and a plastic bat, or even a cardboard wrapping paper tube. Decide where you want to hang your DIY water balloon piñata. Look for a spot outside that will require kids to reach up with the bat or cardboard tube, but make sure it’s not too high. After, fill the balloons with water and make different-sized water balloons. The fuller they are, the easier they will be to burst. Cut a piece of yarn about 40 inches long, and grab about seven water balloons. Tie each balloon to the sting, keeping about two inches of space between them. Hang up your water balloon piñata securely and let the fun begin!

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DIY Water Blob

This DIY is every child’s summertime dream. With just a few materials you can make a DIY Water Blob right in your backyard. First, grab a large roll of plastic sheeting from your local hardware store. This can come in black or clear but you will want the clear. You might already have some good duct tape around the house, but if not, be sure to pick up a roll. It is possible to seal the edges of the DIY water blob with an iron instead of duct tape and you can check out those instructions, too. Fold the plastic sheeting in half and duct tape the three open edges, leaving a small hole for the water hose. You can add food coloring to give the DIY water blob even more of a wow factor. Next, insert your water hose into the small hole left in the plastic sheeting and let the blob fill up. When it is full, tape up the small hole and enjoy!

Try one or all three of these DIY water toy ideas for a cool and fun summer!

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