DIY Holiday Cards To Drop In The Mail

Family making Christmas cards together at home.

The holidays are coming fast. This year might be a little different than previous years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread as much holiday cheer as possible. This is the perfect time to make DIY holiday cards with the whole family and send them off to extended family and friends. We’ve pulled together a few ideas from Good Housekeeping to spark your crafty inspiration.

Paper Wreath Card

This is an easy DIY paper wreath perfect for all ages. Simply punch or cut out circles of different sizes from holiday-patterned paper. Layer your circles out in a wreath shape on top of your card of choice and glue down. You can be so creative with these wreaths. Pick paper with different patterns in the same color, or go all out and have each circle be a different pattern and color. Add accents like scrapbook snowflakes or foam stickers, too.

Eraser-Stamp Card

This eraser-stamp card idea is so fun and sure to entertain the kids. All you will need is ink pads in different colors and some pencils with erasers. Use the pencil erasers to stamp circles for ornaments, lights, eyes and buttons on a snowman, or even holly berries on a wreath.

Paint Chip Card

Make a whimsical forest card with paint chip trees using this DIY paint chip card idea. Collect paint chips in your favorite colors from your local hardware store. Cut the paint chips into triangles and layer them on top of a piece of cardstock. Glue each tree down and add some stars or a snowy background!

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Wrapping Paper Envelopes

So many cards with no envelopes? Don’t fret! This easy wrapping paper envelope is just what you need. Grab wrapping paper, envelopes to use as templates, scissors, and glue sticks. Undo the glued sides of the envelope so it will lay flat on the wrapping paper. Trace around it and cut. Fold your wrapping paper envelope and glue the edges. Add your card and a stamp, and it’s good to go.

Send something special to family and friends this holiday season. DIY holiday cards are perfect for showing how much you care.

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