DIY Gifts Made With Love

young couple celebrating Valentine's day

Are you looking for a special way to show your love this Valentine’s Day? Instead of going with a traditional store-bought gift, make something this year. Check out these DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that will show your significant other how much you care.

Geometric Heart Flower Vase

If you’re going to give flowers on Valentine’s Day, consider making a Geometric Heart Flower Vase for holding them. This DIY project teaches you how to use a paper mache heart gift box and some acrylic craft paint to transform a plastic or glass vase. Flowers might not last forever, but this vase will, so your loved one will always have a memory of this romantic holiday.

Rae Dunn Clay Mug Candy Arrangement

Do you love getting that special someone gift baskets full of goodies but dislike the cost and the lack of personalization? If so, you can whip up this Rae Dunn Clay Mug Candy Arrangement. First, the project uses a Rae Dunn clay mug, but you don’t have to go with that brand. Instead, you can use any mug or container you wish. Once you select the mug, you’ll line it with a liner of your choice, add a bunch of treats, and dress it up for the occasion. Then you’ll be excited to watch your significant other’s face when opening your gift.

Easy Photo Keychain DIY

You can also show your love with this Easy Photo Keychain DIY project. First, you’ll need to print off a photo of the two of you together, your kids, or anything else the recipient will want to keep on hand. Then you’ll place the photo inside of a blank plastic keychain.

Additionally, you can change things up a bit to add some extra flair when making the keychain. For instance, you can write a note on one side of the keychain to make it more romantic. That’s just one of the ways you can put your spin on it. Don’t be afraid to get creative. It’s an incredibly simple project, so even if you mess up, you can restart and finish in a matter of minutes.

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DIY Fingerprint Heart Jewelry Dish

Do your kids want to get in on Valentine’s Day fun? If so, you can help them make this DIY Fingerprint Heart Jewelry Dish. Don’t worry if the recipient doesn’t wear jewelry. The little dish can be used to hold keys and other items. No matter how the recipient uses it, it’s sure to be a hit. It’s also a breeze to make, so your kids can knock it out quickly.

It’s hard to show your love and appreciation with the same gifts year after year. Show that special someone just how important they are by tackling one of these DIY projects.

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