Clean Your House This Fall

woman cleaning home

Summer is in the books, and fall is quickly moving along. It’s a good chance for you to evaluate your home and do some serious cleaning. For example, before the holiday season hits, you should make sure your house and yard are clean and organized. Don’t let this project overwhelm you, however. You can successfully get your home looking inviting and comfortable by cleaning it effectively.

Take Care of Outdoor Furniture

With the change of seasons, your days sitting on the porch or deck enjoying the nice weather are probably coming to an end for a while. Consequently, you want to clean and properly store chairs, tables, swings, and other outdoor furniture. Thoroughly wash these items. In addition, treat any stains you see. Plus, you’ll want to put these items away for the fall and winter in the garage, your basement, or a shed. Make sure to cover them well so that they don’t get dirty or dusty until you’re ready to pull them out again in the spring.

Winterize Gardening Equipment

You’re not going to need the lawn mower, edger, and other yard-maintenance tools for at least a few months. So, you should clean these items well so that they’re ready to go in the spring. But this is not all. You should service gardening equipment and address any mechanical issues. This way, you won’t have to worry about it next spring.

Clean Out the Gutters

It’s easy to forget about the important job your home’s rain gutters and downspouts do. For example, these critical components keep water off your home and prevent pooling near the foundation. As a result, you can prevent flooding and other water-related problems. However, if too many leaves, sticks, and other debris get in the rain gutters, they won’t do their job properly. Fall is a great time to remove these materials and make sure water is flowing down the spouts and away from your house.

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Wash the Windows

Your home’s windows take a beating throughout the year. Make it a point to wash them when autumn hits. Furthermore, wash them well inside and out. You should also remove the screens so you can reach every part of the windows. Use a soft cloth to wipe them. You can also purchase a special window treatment product to get them looking nice and clear. While you’re at it, go inside your home and clean the blinds, shutters, and curtains. Focus on removing dust buildup.

These cleaning tips can help make your home and yard look great the rest of the year and into the spring. Plus, you can preserve your home and prevent expensive repairs down the road. Start implementing these practices in your fall cleaning routine today.

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