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Car Headlight Cleaning Hacks

Car Headlight Cleaning Hacks
When it comes to driving safety, having clear and bright headlights is crucial. Over time, however, our car's headlights can become cloudy, yellowed, or dull due to exposure to various environmental factors. Instead of immediately resorting to expensive replacements, why not consider restoring and polishing your auto headlights? Family Handyman... [read more]

Keep Your Tires Cool

Keep Your Tires Cool
Did you know that the summer heat can impact your tires? The air inside of your tires expands when it gets hot, which can cause a blowout. While you cannot avoid the summer sun, you can protect your tires. Let us go over some simple tips to keep your tires... [read more]

Prevent Car Break-Ins

The thief is stealing the purse in the car
It’s disheartening to find that someone broke into your vehicle. First, they invaded your privacy. Second, they probably took things that didn’t belong to them. This particular crime has become all too common. However, you can take several steps to reduce the risk. One option is to buy a car... [read more]

What Is A Car Tune-Up?

At car service
Years ago, it was common to regularly tighten, replace, and adjust all the parts in the car. But engineers have refined parts over time to fit together better than ever. But the phrase “car tune-up” stuck around. Now, most people who use it are talking about regular maintenance tasks. Let’s... [read more]

Useful Tips To Keep Your Car Clean

mid-aged man cleaning the interior of his car
Most people don’t intend to let their cars get messy. But life happens, and sometimes that means dirt and grime piles up. Of course, keeping the car clean can feel like a less-than-fun chore. However, a clean car is much more comfortable and safer. In addition, it helps you maintain your car’s... [read more]

Difference Between A Sunroof & Moonroof

Panoramic Glass and sliding system sunroof on car. Blue Skies in car Through Sunroof.
To sell vehicles, automakers highlight popular features like sunroofs and moonroofs. While they both enhance the driving experience, they do have some differences. Honda differentiates them by coming up with unique designs and controls. In the Beginning In 1937, Nash Motors installed the first sunroof in one of its cars. Initially, people... [read more]

The 2023 Envision Has Everything You Want

Buick Envision
With so many SUVs on the market, it’s not surprising that people feel confused when it comes time to buy. However, there’s one that stands out, and for all the right reasons. The 2023 Buick Envision is an incredible vehicle. Learn more about this SUV from Bob Brady Buick GMC... [read more]

Tire Pressure Light Coming On When It’s Cold?

Checking tire pressure with pressure gauge
Driving in the snow, ice, and wind presents safety hazards and can interfere with commuting and other trips. Anyone who regularly drives in the winter knows what challenges can come in such conditions. Furthermore, you may detect the tire pressure light in your vehicle, indicating that the air pressure is... [read more]

Cleaning Your Tires With Household Products

Car wash.
Every time you drive in Forsyth, IL, or anywhere else, your car is going to encounter dirt, mud, and other debris and materials. The tires will bear a big brunt of this abuse. Not only does this wear out the tires, but it causes them to suffer aesthetically. If you... [read more]

How To Wash Your Car At Home Tips

Man cleaning car in front of house
Washing your car is a key part of maintaining it over the years. But you might be surprised to find out that there are techniques that can help preserve your car’s good looks. And many people do not trust automatic car washes because, sometimes, they can damage your vehicle. Instead,... [read more]