Find The Best Sledding Hills Around Town


You may not love having to bundle up every single time you go outside, but there is something undeniably magical about winter. If you want to stay inside, there’s nothing cozier than looking out onto a yard full of snow. But if you’d rather go outside and enjoy everything the snow has to offer, you should definitely check out these sledding hills around town. These are some of the best spots to get your sled on. Get out there with your kids (or even your other adult friends) and see how much fun you can have.

Homer Lake Forest Preserve

Want to go someplace that has plenty of room for everyone in your group to sled? Just make your way to Homer Lake Forest Preserve. It’s known as one of the best sledding spots around town, so you may even run into some friends while you’re there. This area also has a rich history that’s fun to learn about when you get tired of sledding.

Centennial Park in Champaign

This one is going to be best for the big kids, as it’s pretty tall and steep. You’re certainly going to have a blast flying down this huge hill in Centennial Park. Just make sure you bring a sturdy sled along – you’re definitely going to need it!

Allerton Park in Monticello

However, not everyone wants to take on one of those really huge hills. If you prefer something a bit smaller and tamer, you’re going to want to check out the meadow hill at Allerton Park. It’s perfect for the little ones who want just a bit of thrill but who don’t want to have to worry about being thrown off their sleds.

Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve

When it comes to sledding, you don’t always want to go down the same hill over and over again, and that’s exactly why a trip to Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve is in order. This park in Mahomet is amazing because it has a few different hills to choose from. That way, everyone in your group is sure to have a fun time. You can easily stay here for hours, so make sure you’re wearing something warm.

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Orchard Downs in Urbana

If you’re looking for an all-around top-notch sledding spot, then you can’t forget about Orchard Downs in Urbana. Whether you have big kids or little ones, this hill should be just right.

With all of these spots around town to choose from, you’re going to hope that it snows all season long.

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