BBQ Your Way With These 3 Recipes

Chicken Breast Basted with Barbecue Sauce

You’ve been waiting all year, and it’s finally barbecue season. Make this one the best yet with some delicious recipes. You can instantly transform into a Grill Master when you add these recipes to your barbecuing toolkit.

Best Barbecue Ribs Ever

Naming a recipe the Best Barbecue Ribs Ever is a bold statement, but this offering from Katie Lee Biegel delivers. Plus, it’s easy to make, and you can have the food on the table in just over three hours. If you want to make the ribs even more tender, add an extra half hour to your cooking time. Then, they will fall off the bone while you eat them. After you make these ribs, you’ll never want to make them another way again.

You can even change it up each time you make them by using different barbecue sauces. It’s the griller’s choice, so go through your favorite sauces when making these ribs.

Barbecue Chicken

Do you prefer chicken? Gina Neely’s Barbecue Chicken recipe is absolutely divine. If you follow the recipe as written, you will end up with some extra sauce. Instead of cutting down the ingredients, add some chicken. It can easily handle 10 pounds of chicken, so you can have some leftovers. That’s a good thing when you consider how tasty this is. You’ll find yourself going back for seconds, thirds, and maybe even fourths. Even picky eaters tear through this barbecue chicken.

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Barbecue Pork Butt

You can’t have a list of delicious recipes without including something from Alton Brown. His recipe for Barbecue Pork Butt is sure to be a hit this barbecue season. While the recipe is listed at the intermediate difficulty level, it’s actually pretty easy to make. The prep takes about 20 minutes, and then you’ll need to refrigerate it overnight. You’ll finish by smoking the pork butt. When it’s finally time to eat, you’ll be amazed by how tender and tasty it is.

There is one thing to keep in mind when you make this recipe. If you don’t like a lot of salt, you might want to cut it down a bit. The recipe calls for 12 ounces of kosher salt, and that’s a bit too much for some people. For others, though, it’s the perfect amount, so it comes down to your specific tastes.

Your mouth is probably watering thinking of these recipes. They look good on paper and taste even better. Grab some ingredients and then start grilling. Just don’t be shocked if your family asks you to make the ribs, chicken, and pork butt over and over. Each dish is so good that everyone will ask for more.

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