Autism Awareness Month

World autism awareness day concept. Adult and kid hands holding puzzle heart on light blue background

April marks National Autism Awareness Month. And the Illinois Center for Autism has resources and educational tools for people. They believe in helping people focus on what is possible rather than limits. Thus, this Autism Awareness Month, learn more about what the Illinois Center for Autism offers.

Using the Center

Many people have a lot of questions about autism. The Illinois Center for Autism (ICA) is open Monday through Friday. You can get in touch between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Also, you can get great resources online, by phone, or by email. You can also talk to staff about ways you can volunteer, donate, or help with events.

Many Programs to Help

There are undoubtedly many great programs people can access through the Center. For instance, children and young adults can enroll in the Special Day School Program. The Center works to develop individualized education plans for the children who attend. Also, they offer a Client and Family Support Program. The goal is to help with advocacy, support, and education. Families can get support through monthly meetings, podcasts, and guides. Finally, the adult services program works with adults with autism. They center their goal on having a good quality of life.

Yearly Events at the ICA

Another way that the Center connects with people is through annual events. Some events to look forward to each year are Pedal for Autism and the Carl Fournie Golf Tournament. But the biggest event of the year is Behind the Mask. In 2023, Behind the Mask happens on April 1 and is always a big fundraiser. People can enjoy a big dinner or bid in a silent auction there. In addition, there will be a live auction, raffle, and more.

Pasta Fare and Petals Remembered

Two more ways that ICA supports people with autism are through their retail options. Pasta Fare offers a way for people to learn vocational and many other job skills. Workers can learn janitorial skills, packing, cashiering, food prep, and more. Also, Petals Remembered creates lasting, dried floral arrangements. People learn vital job skills. Also, they make floral pieces for weddings, birthdays, and other life events. Customers can save their flowers from special events and bring them to the artists. Then the artists can preserve the flowers in many unique ways.

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Serving the Community

For over 40 years, ICA has worked to serve the community. Through their programs, they want to help people with autism and their families. In fact, they are one-of-a-kind. There are no other agencies like ICA in the Southern Illinois region. To date, they have served well over 2,000 families. Many people report improved self-esteem and fewer symptoms. There are many ways to support what they do and learn more about autism. This April, look at the great work the Illinois Center for Autism is doing.

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