Stay Connected With Built-In Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa inside Buick vehicle

If you enjoy having the Amazon Alexa in your home, you’ll love it even more in your car! Same Alexa, just a new location now available with select Buick models. Now you can get directions, place calls, play music, and so much more by simply asking Alexa to do so. This voice-activated control can help keep your eyes off of your phone and on the road. Buick continues to be on the cutting edge of new technology for your car and this is an amazing feature you don’t want to miss. Here’s everything you need to know about having the Amazon Alexa feature in your Buick.

Capabilities of Alexa in Your Buick

The Amazon Alexa is fully integrated into your Buick infotainment center in select 2020 Encore GX models, with more select models being integrated soon. With Alexa, you can check your calendar, add to your grocery list, play music, make calls, get directions, and so much more by simply asking Alexa to do so. Keep your hands and your eyes on the road and let Alexa do the work for you with this awesome integration feature in select models.

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How to Connect Alexa to Your Buick

While Alexa is currently only available in select 2020 Encore GX models, other Buick models are being added soon. Start by checking to see if Alexa is available for your vehicle. If it is, then find the Alexa icon in your infotainment center or download it from the App Store. Then, log in with your Amazon account information. Next, download the Amazon Alexa mobile app on your phone. Once that is downloaded, link your accounts that you would like to give Alexa access to in the Settings section on your mobile app. Finally, pair your phone with your car’s Bluetooth and finish the set-up process as directed. Now you’re ready to enjoy Alexa in your car!

We love this new feature and we hope you do as well. If you’re eager to get a car that is compatible with Amazon Alexa, come see us at Bob Brady Buick GMC today!

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