5 Perfect Plants To Pot This Spring

picking fresh herbs grown on a raised bed on a balcony

Container gardening is the perfect way to welcome a new season, especially spring. Instead of waiting for warmer soil, you can get creative and plant your favorites into decorative pots. There are a few plants that thrive in pots and cool temperatures. Let’s take a look to see which plants can make your garden stand out this spring.

Pansies and Violas

Annual violas are great for spring and fall. These flowers thrive in cold weather and frost. Once warmer weather approaches, you will need to replace them with plants that can handle the heat. Since violas are low-growing plants, they will look so wonderful in a wide or low bowl. Pansies are also a great plant for colder weather. These blooms would look great in the same pot. If you are really looking to get creative, you can even add some other spring annuals like coral bells.


The cineraria, a member of the sunflower family,  is a great choice for a container in the cool weather. The cineraria can plant for up to five months if the weather is cool enough. Although, it is important to keep this plant moist, not wet. Also, never let this plant dry out. Planting this flower in moisture-retaining potting soil will make this plant successful. Perhaps adding a spiller plant, like creeping Jenny would pair nicely.

Spiral Sorrel

The spiral sorrel, also known as the volcanic sorrel, is an evergreen perennial in warm regions. These are great for colder weather and would make a great pair with any container. Although,  you have to make sure this plant is well fertilized and kept moist. The colors can vary with this flower, as yellow, green, and purple are all possibilities.

Coral Bells

Coral bells are the most beautiful in the spring. The foliage is stunning and will look spectacular for quite a while. These plants do not like having “wet feet”, so it is important to make sure you have them in well-draining potting soil, allowing them to be dryer on the sides. On the other hand, these look great by themselves, as well as surrounded by “spiller” too.

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Herbs and Veggies

Cool-season herbs make for a great addition to your spring containers. Kale, parsley, oregano, thyme, sage, mint, lemon balm, and chives are a great option. Spinach and chard are also two wonderful greens to include in your spring garden.

There are a great number of options when looking to start your spring garden early. Bring some color back into your life when you plant these beautiful flowers!

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