5 High-Paying Summer Jobs

Three happy teenaged lifeguards on duty at an outdoor swimming pool.

Summertime often equals free time, making it the ideal season to earn some extra cash. While finding a summer job is pretty easy, some pay better than others. Check out five high-paying summer jobs, so you can score a big paycheck.

1.      Camp Counselors Earn an Average of $15.24 an Hour

If you love working with kids, you can apply to become a camp counselor this summer. The Forsythe area has various day camps, or you can travel a bit further to work at a sleepaway camp. Whichever route you choose, you can expect to take on a leadership role when working with the campers. Also, you might be required to come up with fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

2.      Lifeguards Earn an Average of $14.41 an Hour

You can bank lots of money quickly as a lifeguard. Of course, all that cash comes with lots of responsibilities. You’ll be in charge of maintaining the pool’s safety standards and handling any emergencies that arise. While that’s a lot of responsibility, you’ll be up for the challenge after undergoing training.

3.      Dog Walkers Earn an Average of $15.63 an Hour

You can start your own dog-walking business or apply to an existing business to earn some extra money this summer. Dog walkers often walk the same dogs daily and might need to feed and water them as well. Oh, and don’t forget about picking up waste. That’s an important task anytime you’re walking dogs.

4.      Babysitters Earn an Average of $18.81 an Hour

Back in the day, babysitters were lucky to score $5 an hour, but the times have changed. Now, parents are willing to shell out the big bucks for skilled babysitters. You have to do more than watch the little ones if you’re going to make anywhere near $18.81 an hour. You’ll also need to keep them entertained, safe, and fed, and be able to respond to emergencies.

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5.      Freelance Writers Earn an Average of $25.07 an Hour

If you have a knack for writing, you can become a freelance writer this summer. Since you’ll be freelancing, you won’t need to apply for a job with a company. Instead, you’ll find your own clients and follow their standards when writing content. You can find freelancing jobs on Upwork, LinkedIn, and online job boards. Also, some freelancers cold-call companies to see if they have freelance writing work available.

As you can see, you can make real money with a summer job. Whether you’re a teen looking for work or an adult hoping to supplement your income, give these jobs a try. Then, you’ll have some extra cash in the bank when fall rolls around.

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