5 Achievable Resolutions For The New Year

Cleaning phone with a wipe

It’s almost New Year’s Day and that means it’s time to take inventory of what you want to improve next year. If you’re like many people who struggle to think of quality, inspiring resolutions when New Year’s rolls around, then you’ll love our ideas. Here are five helpful and achievable goals to set for your new year.

1. Read More Books

The cold winter season is the best time to begin to read more books. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a warm blanket, a cup of hot coffee or tea, and a good book. If you need something to keep you accountable, try keeping a list of books you’ve completed or start a Goodreads account to review each book.

2. Plan a Vacation

When you feel safe to travel again, take advantage of it, and plan a bucket list trip! Research has found that even just thinking about an upcoming vacation can help boost your happiness for weeks afterward. We’ve all had a stressful year, so treat yourself for making it through this crazy year.

3. Think About Therapy

This upcoming year might be the year to consider therapy to help you become your best self. There are many free digital options available now if you don’t want to go in person quite yet. Whether it’s in person or through an app, consider therapy this new year.

4. Listen to Audiobooks During Workouts

If time at the gym seems to drag on endlessly, try listening to audiobooks while you work out. Reserve your audiobook listening time for only when you’re at the gym, and you’ll be surprised by how much it increases your desire to work out for longer and more frequent periods of time.

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5. Sanitize Your Phone Often

We touch our phones all day long, so they’re piled high with germs. Use disinfecting wipes on your phone to get rid of many viruses and bacteria. Make sure the wipes are bleach-free to protect your phone.

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