10 Best Parks Around Decatur, IL

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It’s normal to feel cooped up during times like these. Even though you may be staying home more than often, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the best outdoor spots around town. Decatur, Illinois, is home to a wide variety of beautiful parks and outdoor spaces that are the perfect place to relax with family. Bring a picnic with you, go for a run, or simply spend some time by the water. You won’t believe how much better you feel after you enjoy time in the great outdoors. Here are a few of the parks you should make sure to visit this summer.

Corman Park

Bringing your kids to the park? They’re going to love taking a trip to Corman Park. Not only does it have plenty of room to run around, but you can even visit cows there. Your little ones are going to love it.

Fairview Park

Another ideal option is Fairview Park. Bring some bread with you so you can feed the ducks at the duck pond. Bring your own sports equipment if you want to take advantage of the many fields. And don’t forget to make a stop by the pavilion too.

Forsyth Park

For all those who want more nature in their lives, Forsyth Park is a great spot. The nature trail is perfect for a little hike.

Scovill Zoo Park

There’s lots to do at the Scovill Zoo Park. With tons of playground equipment for kids and even a rock garden, this is a fun park to explore when it’s not too hot out.

Fletcher Park – Mt. Zion

In addition to the super-fun playground at this park, you’ll also enjoy a gorgeous walking path. It’s an excellent place to get some exercise while you appreciate your beautiful surroundings. Don’t you love living in the Decatur area?

Kiwanis Park

Sometimes, you’re just looking for someplace quiet to visit. That’s when you should make your way to Kiwanis Park.

Cresthaven Park

This park might be small, but it’s quiet and far away from the busy street. Unquestionably, a must-visit if you want to make a short trip.

South Shores Park

This park is so pretty, and it may just be the best place for a picnic. With plenty of room to run around, it’s also a good spot for sports or just having a good time.

Rotary Park

A playground and a sand volleyball court make Rotary Park a fun outdoor option.

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Nelson Park

When all you want to do is spend some time by the water, take a trip to Nelson Park. You can sit at the edge of the dock while you watch the water.

Visit one of these local Decatur parks this weekend!

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