Get Holiday-Ready At The Mistletoe Market

Mistletoe Market
The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you’re like most people, then you still have what feels like a hundred things to do to prepare for the season. Between your work life and your family’s busy schedule, you might not have found too much time for holiday shopping. Need... [read more]

See ‘All Shook Up’ At The Decatur Underground Theater

Every once in a while, a performance comes along that you just don’t want to miss. Luckily for you, one of those performances is coming up this month. Wondering where? At the Decatur Underground Theater, of course. You’re not going to want to miss “All Shook Up,” a musical featuring... [read more]

Try This Homemade Apple Cider Recipe

apple cider
There’s something about apple cider that helps you get into the spirit of autumn like nothing else. The smell of it just fills your house with a delicious aroma, and you won’t be able to get enough of it. But you may be getting tired of the store-bought stuff. Sure,... [read more]

Try Something New At Everyone’s Fair Fooderie

Everyone’s Fair Fooderie
When you’re having a lot of fun, you can forget all about eating and making sure you have the energy to keep going. Then, all of a sudden, you feel a crash coming on, and you know you need to get some food in you – and fast. The situation... [read more]

Beat The Clock At Escape Springfield!

Escape Springfield
Do you think of yourself as a good problem solver? Sure, you might be able to figure out what you’re doing at work, but when you’re in a really high-pressure situation, how do you handle the challenges that come your way? If you want to determine how good your problem-solving... [read more]

Don’t Miss A Millikin University Home Football Game!

Millikin University
Autumn… it’s the time of falling leaves, fresh breezes, and, of course, football! That’s right – college football season is just getting started, and you’re probably on the hunt for games you can go to all season long. Well, if you live in the local area, you’ll likely want to... [read more]

Grab Your Boots And Get Ready For The Barn Dance!

Barn Dance
Who doesn’t love dancing? It’s a chance to let loose and really relax, and it’s always a lot of fun. You don’t even have to be an amazing dancer to have a great time ripping up the dance floor. However, you don’t get the opportunity to go out and dance... [read more]